Candy Picture Frames

I plan to use these picture frames to display pictures of the birthday girl while also enhancing my party decorations in areas that may seem “underdone”.


  • Wood picture frames of various sizes.
  • Spray paint.
  • Hot glue gun.
  • Elmer’s spray glue.
  • Various candy (I chose bubble gum balls, sprinkles, and gumdrops).


First you will need to spray paint your frames so that holes in the candy don’t stand out. I chose a hot pink because it accented the party colors and candy I was using.

For the gumdrop and gumball frames I used a hot glue gun to randomly glue an assortment of colorful candy on the frames. It is a good idea to plan out the spacing of the candy so it looks good all around the frame!

For the sprinkles I used spray glue to more easily secure the small beads to the frame. I used a large casserole dish to contain the sprinkles make less of a mess!

I sprayed a small portion of the frame, added sprinkles, and then repeated that until I felt the coverage was good. I finished by spraying a coat of clear paint to keep the sprinkles in place.

Theses frames were purchased for between $2 and $5! They turned out really cute and I’m sure they will add a lot to the party. These turned out so cute that I plan to try adding candy accents to the $1 plastic frames as well.



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