DIY Giant Chocolate Kisses

These giant Hershey kisses are cute, simple, cheap, and will add a lot to any candy-themed party! I will be using these at the “chocolate swamp” chocolate bar!


  • Plastic bowls of different sizes.  I found great serving bowls at Dollar Tree that I used for my medium-sized kisses. The four pack of plastic cereal bowls from Dollar Tree made my small kisses and the laundry baskets made the giant kisses!
  • Aluminum foil.
  • White ribbon.
  • Brown marker (optional).
  • Plastic grocery bags.

 These giant kisses are very simple. All you need to do is make a + with your aluminum foil and place your plastic bowl on top, making sure you have enough foil to cover the bowl entirely. Then place your plastic bags on top of the bowl, using them to form what looks like the top of a Hershey kiss. I used about 3-4 bags for my serving bowl kisses and one bag for my cereal bowl kisses.

Push the aluminum foil around the sides and top of the bowl so that it looks like a Hershey kiss wrapper. Then add your white ribbon to the top of the kiss by folding a tiny bit of foil over the edge of the ribbon. Don’t forget to heat seal each edge of the ribbon to prevent fraying. I used 12 inches of ribbon for the serving bowl sized kiss and about 5 inches for the cereal bowl sized kiss.


serving bowl kisses
You may also choose to write “HERSHEY” or “KISSES” on the ribbon to resemble the real thing. Be aware that regular grosgrain ribbon will bleed the color and make it hard for you to keep a uniform block letter. It may be easier to use stickers for lettering. 


small kisses
To make a giant kiss I used a Dollar Tree laundry basket. This method took substantially more plastic bags and “molding” of the aluminum foil. It still turned out very cute and will be used as a Candyland pathway marker at the party!


giant laundry basket kiss

The total cost of each cereal bowl kiss was around 40 cents (4 bowls for $1, minimal foil, and a small piece of ribbon). 

The serving bowl kiss cost around $1.25 each.

The giant laundry basket kiss cost about $2 each when you factor in the additional foil that was used. 

There you have it! Cheap, easy, and cute Candyland chocolate decorations.



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