Wrapped Candy Decorations

These large wrapped candy decorations are colorful, fun, and inexpensive to make! They will be used at my Candyland party to brighten up areas that need a pop of color and candy (like in the space between my upper kitchen cabinets and ceiling).


  • Large styrofoam plates.
  • Colored or clear Cellophane plastic wrap.
  • Ribbon in various colors.
  • Paint (optional).


Using the colored cellophane, measure around your plate and cut off enough plastic so that your “candy” is completely wrapped. Twist and tie off each end with complementary colored ribbons and you are finished!

Very simple and super cute! If you have trouble finding the colored cellophane you can try Michaels or Hobby Lobby. I have also seen it on occasion at the Dollar Tree! If you only have the clear cellophane you will need to paint your styrofoam plate before wrapping and tying the ribbons.


This cute and easy diy can be added to any party area that needs a pop of color and each candy costs around $1 to make! 


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