Candyland Gumdrops

These Candyland gumdrops are very easy and inexpensive. They will be used in my Candyland party as the gumdrop mountains. I have around twenty pots to use as centerpieces or wherever as needed. 

I noticed that the gumdrops looked differently in each version of the game so I chose to make the version pictured below.


  • Mid-sized flower pots without an upper rim. I found mine at Dollar General for $3 each;however, they were having an end of season 50% off sale so they rang up $1.50!
  • Spray paint in various bright colors.
  • Diamond dust glitter spray paint.
  • Spray adhesive.
  • Small styrofoam balls.
  • White pillow stuffing.

First you will need to spray paint your pot (flipped upside down) the color of your choosing. To get an even color I used 3 coats of paint.

Then, add a layer of diamond dust spray and let the pot dry well.

Next take a little bit of pillow stuffing and pull it apart. Spray some adhesive to the top of your gumdrop (bottom of the pot) and arrange the stuffing to your liking. 

Add the styrofoam balls to the top (I didn’t attach mine because they held themselves in place on the stuffing).

You can stop with a sprayed and glittered pot or with this step, but I found it more closely resembled the Candyland version if I sprayed and glittered the stuffing on top as well. 

I sprayed the stuffing with blue spray paint and gave it a coat of diamond dust. 


And that’s all! Easy, inexpensive gumdrops! They are about 12 inches high and will be adorable at my party. Each gumdrop costs approximately $2.50 to make and they turned out really cute!

If you want a more simple version and even less expensive option, leave the tops off and you still have an adorable gumdrop decoration!


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