Fall Pumpkin Planter

I saw a picture several months back on the Internet of a fall porch and loved the adorable pumpkin planter that was featured. It did not have diy instructions for it, but I decided I would do my best to duplicate it for my planter this year! If you find this fall planter as cute as I did you will need the following supplies:

  • 1 large planter (I use one year-round in the same location and change out flowers each season).
  • Flowers (I used 4 mums and one 6-pack of pansies).
  • 4 plastic trick-or-treat Jack-O-Lanterns (I finally found the orange ones at Target for $1).
  • Drill with 1 large bit and 1 small bit.
  • Either a stackable flowerpot kit (from Amazon) or a metal rod fitted with a support structure to resemble an upside down T.

Start by placing your pumpkins upside down and drilling a large hole in the bottom center. This hole should be just big enough for the support rod to fit through.

Add small drainage holes around the bottom if you will be using real flowers!

Then you will need to select flowers to fill the pumpkin. I chose small mums that cost $4 each at a local garden store. 

Make sure the bottom of your support rod is covered in rocks or bricks to keep it steady and then fill your large planter with dirt. Add your pansies or small flowers around the outside of the pot leaving the center open. 

Stack the pumpkins over the metal rod tilting them in opposite directions. Add the flowers before adding a new pot.

And that’s it! You have an adorable fall flower pot that is inexpensive and stands out. You can also face the Jack-O-Lanterns forward for a fun Halloween display.

The total cost of this project will depend on what materials you currently have on hand. I spent about $25 to turn my current flowerpot into this. If you need to buy a flowerpot and stacking rod this fall arrangement will cost around $50; however, you can use the stacker with small flowerpots for spring and summer arrangements so it is worth the investment!


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