DIY Giant Lollipops 

These giant lollipops are going in my lollipop woods section of candyland.  I am excited to see the children with these because at 5 foot tall, they will look as big as a tree to the party guests!  


  • 2 pool noodles for each lollipop. The cheap dollar store noodles work best.
  • Colorful duck tape.
  • Hot glue gun.
  • White pvc pipe (purchased at a home improvement store).
  • Clear cellophane wrap.
  • Colorful ribbon

Start by gluing the two pool noodles together. 

Add a piece of your colored duck tape around the middle to prevent the glue from melting the noodles and coming undone.

Start at one end and spiral your duck tape around the entire length of the two pool noodles.

As tightly as you can fold one end onto itself and glue it down. You will have to secure the glue by holding in place.


Continue to roll and glue until you have completed the lollipop! Secure the end with duck tape on the back.

The rolling and gluing step can be challenging and is much easier with an additional person who is responsible for gluing while the other person rolls.

Add a white pvc pipe for the lollipop sick with duck tape.

Cover with clear cellophane wrap and tape loose edges with clear tape in the back. The back will not look the most beautiful, but it will not be seen.

Finish with a bow!

These are cute accents that are sure to help bring the candyland game to life! Each lollipop costs about $5 to make. 


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