DIY Giant Gumdrop Chairs

These giant gumdrop chairs turned out really cute! I will be using them as stools at the cookie decorating station of my daughter’s candyland party. 


  • Large flower pots (check dollar general’s spring/summer clearance; I got them for $5).
  • Paint in the same color as the Tulle you plan to use.
  • 3 rolls tulle (25 yards/roll) in each color you plan to make.
  • Craft stuffing (teddy bear fluff).
  • White felt fabric (around 1 yard).
  • Sparkly felt craft balls (I purchased them at Michaels).
  • Needle & thread (optional sewing  machine or fabric glue).
  • Hot glue gun

Before we go through the steps for creating these giant gumdrop chairs, I want you to know that the sewing is minimal and very forgiving on these. You do not have to know how to sew or be able to sew a straight line so please don’t let it discourage you from trying this out!

Step 1:

Paint your flower pot. I purchased 4 paint samples from Lowes and I have used them on everything for this party. They cost $3 each and were very worth it! One coat of paint is enough because you will be covering the pot entirely with tulle.


Step 2:

Cover the pot with tulle. I started and wrapped the tulle in a crossover pattern to make it easier for me to find spots I may have missed. It will take all 3 rolls of tulle to cover the flowerpots. Just tie off the ends when you are finished with a roll.



Step 3:

Cut out the pillow toppers from the white felt. You will want to cut a curvy and uneven pattern so that you will have topper draped over 4 sides of the pot.


Step 4:

Sew or glue the two sides of your pillow topper together. Leave a small opening and stuff pillow (or craft) stuffing in it until it’s puffy, but not too full. Close the remaining gap to keep the stuffing in. As you can see by the picture, the topper does not need to be perfect or uniform!

Step: 5

Add the topper to the gumdrop by sewing down all 4 corners with a needle and thread. If you don’t want to sew, you may try hot glue, but I don’t know that it would hold on the tulle.

Step 6: 

Garnish the top with sparkly felt balls until the gumdrop looks complete. I attached these with hot glue.


That’s all! Your gumdrop is complete. I made 4 to go around my table. These were simple to make and cost around $15 each including the paint (which I barely put a dent in). The paint does have to dry so this is a 2-day process. I would say that my total time invested to make all 4 was about 4 hours, but they turned out extremely cute, and I can reuse the pots as planters in the spring! 




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