DIY Dress-up Cabinet

I got the inspiration for this dress-up center from Pinterest. It is going to be my daughter’s Christmas gift!


  • Old (sturdy) dresser
  • Crown and baseboard molding (optional)
  • Thin plywood in the deminsions of the inside of the dresser.
  • Chalkboard paint.
  • Ornate mirror (mine is from hobby lobby).
  • Fancy knobs and drawer pulls (also from hobby lobby).
  • Small tension rod to hold the hangers.


These are the before pictures. This was a very old, free dresser that was in rough condition.

We started by removing the laminate from the back and selecting the drawer that was in the best shape (along with the hardware) to keep.  The beat-up molding around the top was also trimmed off and sanded.

We added a thicker, better quality wood to the sides, bottom (over the bottom drawer), and back of the cabinet. This helped the dresser feel less flimsy and look neater.

 I chose to add molding to the top and bottom because the molding on this cabinet was in bad shape. If the dresser you select is in better shape you could skip this step entirely. We used normal 5 inch baseboard around the bottom of the dresser and added crown molding to the top.

Last I caulked all holes and panted the cabinet. It took several rounds of caulking and sanding to get some of the  pieces to look seamless. I used 3 coats of paint for the dresser, but it would have been ok at only two. I also added the new drawer pull and crystal knobs to one side for hanging costume jewelry.

On the opposite side I added the mirror (purchased at hobby lobby) that I spray painted pink. You can see in the mirror the chair that matches her room bedding that I coordinated the colors too. I decided to use the gray as the base color so that if we ever change up the room I should only have to repaint the mirror.

I didn’t add molding around the back of the cabinet so that it would be easier to anchor to the wall (to prevent tipping).

And it’s finished. I purchased some child-size hangers and it is ready for dress-up clothing and accessories galore! I plan to use the drawer at the bottom for shoes, larger accessories, and crowns. This project took several weeks of small intervals working and about $50 worth of materials. 


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