DIY Rainbow Bridge


A fun part of the candyland game is taking shortcuts across the rainbow bridge! I will use this DIY “bridge” as a connection between two of the lands at our candyland birthday party. It stands about 40 inches tall and should feel life-sized to the little guests!


  1. Pool noodles in various colors.
  2. Blue paint.
  3. White teddy bear stuffing.
  4. 1 wooden dowel rod cut in half (I purchased it at Walmart in the craft section).
  5. A small piece of particle board or wood.
  6. 2 screws.
  7. A hot glue gun.
  8. Colored or clear duck tape.

Start by prepping your base. I had an extra piece of wood from another project that I used. I painted it sky blue and determined the spacing I wanted for my dowel rods (how wide the rainbow would be).

Next I drilled small pilot holes into the dowels so they would screw in easier and used my drill to connect the dowels to the wood. I drilled through the bottom of the wood into the dowel rod.

Next I laid out the pool noodles how I wanted them. I did tape all of the ends together and leave them bent in an “n” shape for about a week to help form the rainbow shape. 

I used duck tape to tape each noodle to the set. I taped orange and green together, then blue to the orange/green combo, and finally purple to the orange/green/blue combo. I only taped one side and added the noodles to the dowel rods before I set and taped the other side to make sure I had the shape I wanted.

Next I added teddy bear stuffing around the bottom to cover the tape and spots where the noodles were uneven. The hot glue does not stick very well to the noodles so in some spots I tucked stuffing into the duck tape. 

And there you have it! A cute rainbow bridge. The little ones will be crawling under the rainbow, but it still gives the same effect. This project took about 1 hour and $10 to create.


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