Candyland Party

After a lot of preparation the Candyland party finally came together! To see how each individual piece was created, look back in the blog archives.

The entryway and dining room (aka Queen Frostine’s Sweet Shop):

This picture is from the night before, but you can see much better than with the blinding sun shining through!


Goody bags complete with toothbrushes and the saying: thank you for being so sweet, please take a treat and don’t forget to brush your teeth!
Peppermint Forest and Candycane Toss game:

Main Room and kitchen:  


Our elf Peppermint even joined in the party festivities!



Gumdrop Mountains & Decorate a Cookie Station:


Lollipop Woods & Lollipop Toss Game:

Garage- Candy Castle, Eating Area, Gumball Lake, & Decorate a Gingerbread:

 Picture Area that also shows the children’s height to be compared each year!   


The party princess playing

Her outfit! 
 Alternative views that show the candyland path better (made from painted peel and stick tiles):
That is it! The candyland party! I did not get a picture of the dumdum wreath on the front door or the peppermint columns throughout and on the front of the house.


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